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"To speak another language - or - to get to know another culture - is to possess a second soul... " Maybe that's the reason why - Traveling is my passion! I just love discovering new places, meeting new people, getting to know other cultures. I have been so lucky to have been able to visit 37 countries on 5 continents already.... and.... the journey never stops! So - see you somewhere around the world! ;-)
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JanMares.com - March 27th, 2012!

My Trip is starting in Macedonia...

Starting my journey in this beautiful Macedonian town (Skopje) on Monday September 5th, 2016. I will leave Macedonia few days later (I would like to visit Albania next).

ALBANIA! I have never been to Albania before but it is my big dream to visit this country! :-)

I hope to arrive in Albania from Macedonia by hitchhiking or a train around September 7th :o)

Next stops - Kosovo and Serbia!!!

Kosovo - another country I never visited before! :-) I hope to arrive in Kosovo from Albania by hitchhiking around September 10th!

I will leave Kosovo a few days later going to Serbia... :-)

back to Serbia! I have been in this awesome country a few times already and I love it!

I will likely stay in Belgrade one night and then contrinue to Romania to catch my flight out of Timisoara on September 13th.

Macedonia and Albania


Next stop - Timisoara!

I've been to Timisoara before and I loved it! Arriving in Timisoara from Serbia hopefully on September 11th!

I am happy that I will be able to visit this beautiful city once again... Leaving Timisoara on my way to Eindhoven (by plane) on September 13th at 11:45 a.m.!

the Netherlands Flying from the Timisoara airport - I will arrive in the Eindhoven airport on Tuesday September 13th at 13:05!

I will leave Eindhoven on Wednesday, September 14th at 10:50, arriving in Brno at 12:25!

Kosovo and Serbia