My 2nd trip (of 2012) was amazing!

I mean who gets to visit Italy - 6 or more times a year? And spend 3 months of the year in Mallorca? I feel so lucky to be able to do this.... and to visit all these other wonderful places such as Cyprus, Israel, Greece and London! Like I said before - see you somewhere around the world! ;-)
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My Trip is starting in Italy...

I am flying from Brno to Bergamo on Monday, June 18th. I will arrive in Bergamo at 12:55. I'll be spending just 1 night in Bergamo and then, on June 19th, 2012 at 18:35 - I'll be flying to Palma de Mallorca.

Mallorca! Mallorca is one of my most favorite places in the whole wide world and I am happy that I will get to spend a few weeks there again! :-)

I'm landing in Palma on Tuesday, June 19th at 20:25. Leaving Mallorca for the first time (I'm coming back in a few days) on July 10th at 21:00.

Next stop - Bergamo again!!!

Do I love this city or what?!? :-) I will arrive in Bergamo again on July 10th at 22:55. And it's not the last time I will be here this summer....

...actually, I will be here at least 4 times this summer alone! :-) I will leave Bergamo on July 11th at 12:15.

Brno! Brno! Brno! Coming "home" for 4 days for the Catholic Charismatic Conference....

Arriving at the Brno airport on July 11th at 13:40. Leaving right after the conference is over - on July 16th at 14:50.

Bergamo and Milano

I'd like to visit Milan as well.... :-)

Bergamo, Mallorca and Bergamo again!

Bergamo - here I come again! :-) Landing in Bergamo on a flight from Brno on July 16th at 16:10.

Leaving Bergamo on July 17th at 18:35.

Mallorca! My second visit to Mallorca this summer. Landing in Palma on July 17th at 20:25! Leaving Mallorca on August 6th at 12:15 (arriving in Brno at 13:40)

Bergamo - once again! :-) Landing in Bergamo on a flight from Palma de Mallorca on August 6th at 14:55.

I will be staying in Bergamo for 3 days (2 nights) until August 8th. I leave on August 8th at

Mallorca and Menorca