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"To speak another language - or - to get to know another culture - is to possess a second soul... " Maybe that's the reason why - Traveling is my passion! I just love discovering new places, meeting new people, getting to know other cultures. I have been so lucky to have been able to visit 5 continents already.... and.... the journey never stops! So - see you somewhere around the world! ;-)
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JanMares.com - March 27th, 2012!

This trip is starting in Katowice...

I will take the train to a Czech border town of Cesky Tesin, walk across the border to Cieszyn where I will catch a bus to Katowice...I will spend a couple of nights in Katowice before boarding a plane on Tuesday, January 20th at 6:05 to Paris Beauvais! :-)


Paris. France! Paris is one of my most favorite places (I just discovered it recently - I visited Paris for the first time in June, 2014 :-)

I'm landing in Paris Beauvais on Tuesday, June 20th at 8:20.

I will fly out of Paris (Beauvais) on Friday, June 23rd at 13:40! :o)


The Eiffel Tower


Budapest - this is truly one of my favorite cities in Europe! :)

I can't wait to visit the Szechenyi Thermal Baths :-) Who wants to join me? ;-)

I will spend just 2 or 3 nights in Budapest - arriving on Friday, January 23rd at 15:50 and leaving probably on Sunday, January 25th.
from Budapest to Brno! (my adopted town!) I have no idea yet how I will get from Budapest to Brno... :-) I already have plans for another (long) trip! So stay tuned for more news....


Szechenyi Baths